Last summer days….

With the pool season coming to an end, these guys got to jump into their favorite summer activity one last time. And as much as I am tired of the heat and looking forward to opening my windows while sipping on hot tea, I still had fun watching these boys having a blast in the pool. The littlest one just recently learned to swim and showed off his skills, while the big guys did all kinds of neat jumps. So I ended up in the pool myself and got some of this:

Thanks boys for being such good sports, and “just keep swimming, just keep swimming…

Family Fun.

A few weeks ago I captured these guys with my lens. They purchased this session through a local fundraiser benefiting a young woman battling GBM (Glioblastoma). Check out this young woman’s journey here .

So we met up at a beautiful park in Glasgow to create some memories. And I enjoyed hanging with these fun guys.

Thank you for making this happen. And here is your sneak peek.

Emily’s Journey.

Last week I took some pictures of this beautiful young lady. I met Emily for the first time last Fall at a local fundraiser held by her family here in Smiths Grove, KY. And if you do not know her or her story, you should consider joining her FB group: Emily’s Journey

Emily is twenty three years young, and over a year ago she was diagnosed with Glioblastoma (GBM) – a most aggressive cancer that begins in the brain. Since her diagnosis, she underwent brain surgery and chemotherapy and had several hospital and specialists appointments as anyone can imagine. And her tumor is stable! Within the next two weeks she will begin wearing the Optune device for 18 hours a day.

Emily is also a Titans fan. (She probably could teach me some things about football and I might actually would start watching the Super Bowl rather than eating myself through the buffet….haha.) She is also really close to her parents and sisters and has a large family, that she can hardly keep up with 🙂

And she smiles a lot. She chooses to be positive. She chooses to support others in their journey with GBM and celebrates their successes and sorrows their losses. She said that “tomorrow is promised to no one and to make the best out of every day…”

And doesn’t she just look beautiful?  Sister and friend did her hair and make-up and I think she had fun being “a model” for a bit.

Keep on smiling, Emily. And here is your sneak peek!

If you wish to support Emily and others on their fight with GBM, consider making a donation to either of these organisations.


Thank you!





Grand kids.

A couple of weeks ago I strolled around with this Nana and her grandchildren. The young man’s mom thought it was time to update some pics, and I couldn’t agree more! The days are long, but the years are short! Cause the next thing we know is that our kids are off to college and 5 minutes later …they’re getting married 🙂 Haha. Just saying: Time flies!

So while these guys are still in school and around, we created some memories to last.

Thank you guys for letting me do that. And here is your sneak peek!

Fifty years and counting….

Last weekend I got to be part of the 50th wedding anniversary of this sweet couple. Their daughter organized this event and invited family, friends, neighbors, and the original wedding party from 1968! There was laughter and hugs, long overdue conversations and tears of joy. And lots of pictures from half a century ago- until present day.

Needless to say, I had a blast being there.

Congratulations Martha & Darrell! And here is your sneak peek!




Last week I got to capture this sweet bundle of joy. She is tiny and beautiful and everything a mom and dad could ever wish for…..So happy for these guys. Congratulations and here is your sneak peek!


Mr. & Mrs. Davis.

Yesterday I got to capture this sweet couple as they said: “Yes”. They married at a beautiful location surrounded by their daughters and close family members. And aren’t these two just a gorgeous couple? Congratulations Sarah and Tim. I wish you the best on this journey together: Forever!

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Welcome baby Holden.

Last Friday I got to meet a bundle of joy. His name is Holden. I visited them at the hospital, and I was (again) reminded what life is like as a brand new parent. I remember it well, the excitement and nervousness of holding your tiny new baby in your arms. I remember the exhaustion after a (long) labor and the overwhelming joy (coupled with sudden fear) of being a parent. Becoming a parent is probably the most life changing experience to have. It’s going to be a roller coaster ride, and I think these guys are ready! Congratulations Ashton and Justin on the birth of your sweet baby boy. I wish you the best on this journey!  You’ve got this!

And here is your sneak peek!

Memories made.

I always enjoy meeting and talking to people from different places, and last week I just got to do that. These guys from South Africa are “traveling” the world and will be moving to Europe within 3 weeks. That has put them on three different continents within a year! I myself have moved across oceans with one child under 12 months of age and it’s not a “cake walk”. But I am grateful I did! Life is full of surprises and God’s plan always the best (not easiest). I am wishing these guys the best on their adventure. I am praying that they’ll find a place they can call home. A place, that gives them hope and a future.

I am happy I was able to help creating some memories of the four of you. Thank you for letting me do that and here are some of my favorites!

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