I love snow. I love the way how it makes everything look so clean and glittery. I love the way how it sounds when you walk on it and yes, I love the way how it makes your fingers turn red and tingly.  It brings back childhood memories of growing up in Germany, and the long cold winters that we spent ice skating, sledding and skiing. So needless to say: “The cold never bothered me anyway” and there is no such thing like “the wrong kind of weather”. If you are cold, It’s a poor choice of clothing! I would never post that on my FB page, cause some people here in the South have quiet enough of the white mess and might “unfriend” me. LOL. So what do you do when the roads are shut down, the schools are closed and photo shoots got postponed. You take pictures of kids and birds in the snow.


And you work on a new business name and logo. Do you like it?