I love taking pictures of families… and unless God shows me otherwise, I could live on just fine never doing another wedding or senior shoot ever again (oh there goes that one). BUT I would be one unhappy person, if I could not get families in front of my lens. There is just something so beautiful about being in the middle of all that excitement of becoming parents, being parents of a new baby, chasing preschoolers through the yard or watching proud moms of teenagers sending them off to their first prom. I love hearing the stories of each family. I want to capture the love and joy they have for each other- no matter the age their son(s) and daughter(s) are in.

And today I got to do just that! I have known this mom through a mutual friend of mine, but never had the chance to really “hang out” with her and her family. Today I did. I got to chat with her kiddos and husband, and I got to hold that sweet baby girl. Aren’t these kids just too sweet? Thank you guys for contacting me and letting me take these images. I can’t wait to show you the rest of the pics!