Last week I came back from a long overdue journey. I went back to my roots and visited Germany, where I grew up, went to school and worked for a short while. This is the place where my oldest son was born. A place where family and close friends remain. It’s the place where “Tante Conny” is…Make sure you ask my boys about her.

I also visited Austria, where I studied through a program that eventually brought me here (USA) to WKU and Patrick. Austria is not just the place where I married the love of my life, but also the home of a friend of mine that is more like a sister to me.

So, for 12 short days, I laughed and hugged and cried with people who are still so close to me that it seems like I never left.  I walked roads I used to ride on my bike, ate foods I almost forgot existed. I saw familiar places and new ones, I hugged spouses and children of loved ones I have never met before. I slept little and walked a lot.  And sometimes I stood still and listened to the sounds of my childhood and youth.

I saw with new eyes how History is just around every corner.

And enjoyed every minute.

Danke fuer eure Gastfreundschaft und dass ihr mir Herzen und Tueren geoeffnet habt.

And here just a few of my favorites.

My beautiful hometown.

My cousin Conny (according to my boys” Tante” Conny) with the greatest heart and the best stories. My better half.

Uncles and an aunt as awesome as always!

My beautiful niece!

Siblings. I really learned how to use the self timer setting on my camera on this trip.


Not ready for the self timer mode…

Random signs on doors. LOL. How is your German?

Friends I wished lived closer.

A new acquaintance. 🙂

My dinner.

Kentucky meets Austria.

The Alps. My view while sipping on my morning coffee.

My “Bergvolk”. As beautiful, funny, smart and loving as I remember her. I miss her already.

And I totally had to add one song that got stuck! One of the top list Schlagerhits of 2015 in Germany and Austria. How good is your German?