Last week I got to do another mini session with this sweet 18 month old. And I just loved it. This age group kiddos could care less about having their pics taken. You have a whole crew (mom, dad, sister) doing a dance behind your back just to get the little one to smile into the camera, but all she wants to do is climbing the bench or roll on the ground. And that’s perfectly NORMAL. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

The time will come when all these little girls are all about having their pics taken, spending hours in front of the mirror to perfect a pose. But now it’s time for being shy, or serious, or being curious about anything (just not that lady with the camera-lol). It’s the time for throwing rocks, picking flowers or jumping into puddles. And even though we moms want that big smile, we will look back one day and treasure just THIS moment in time.

So here is to all the mom’s of toddlers. It’s ok if they don’t smile and it’s ok if they are not sitting still. I promise: By the time we do senior pics, they will 🙂


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