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This is Margie. I work with her at a school and I can not just post some pictures on my blog without saying a few things about her. She is a teacher, and like a lot of teachers she goes the extra mile(s). She is compassionate, funny, loving, patient and kind. She organizes fundraisers, prays for her students and calls their moms on weekends to check on them. She is that teacher every parent  wants for their children…

She is also a mom of FOUR boys- and oh boy, that must have been something, raising them mostly by herself.  They’re  grown now with successful careers and beautiful families of their own. Two of them are in a well known band, one is going to be a minister and the youngest ( just graduated high-school) did an awesome job playing the guitar and singing during the shoot.  I had fun, getting a glimpse of what it might look like when my two are grown. And I would be one proud mom, if mine turned out to be  as creative and talented as yours, Margie! So here is your sneak peek!