Today I dropped my kids off at school and did not get out of the car, like I used to do for the last three years. Instead I went home to a quiet house and sat in front of my computer to design new business cards.  Last May, I resigned my full time position at my boys’ school to chase a dream of mine.  I resigned because I have a husband who is amazingly supporting me in my dream of becoming a full time photographer, and sometimes I wonder if that’s a good thing. 😉

I am grateful to have this chance. I believe if you never try something, you never know. And I am going to find out very soon if I ever make a great business woman. Art alone, is not going to make this work- I am learning!

So off I go, exploring new venues, hatching out a business plan, learning how to do spread sheets, reading business books and watching videos on marketing. And in between I gaze at the beautiful lighting that starts to look more like Fall, and I am getting excited as my favorite photography season is approaching.

I am wishing the best to all my teacher friends who are starting a new year in their clean colorful classrooms. As for me, I am going to cry over a cup of coffee and once I am done being scared of failure, I’ll finish my business cards.

Happy Wednesday!