This weekend I got to photograph these guys again. For a moment I held my breath when I realized the oldest is almost as tall as me now, and in the same way I am trying to slow down time with my boys,  this mom is in the middle of it too.

It seems crazy to see how the years fly by and we manage to juggle schedules filled with school activities, birthday parties, soccer practices and puppy care. We cheer and comfort, we snuggle and teach. We look at our messy houses and the things left undone…

But one day when we look at these pictures (sitting in our clean houses with our checked off to-do-lists), we will look back and smile. Because we did what really mattered. We spent time with our children. We cheered and comforted, we snuggled and taught. We gave them roots and wings.

Just so we won’t forget, here is your sneak peek!

One Saturday well spent, guys! Keep on going!