Not even 48 hours ago we were still traveling back from our two week visit in Germany. It is currently 8:30 pm and the kids have been asleep for a couple of hours now (jet lack is real and seven hours time difference is no cake walk). But I am sure we’ll be adjusted in a few days and back to a normal routine (whatever that means during summer break anyway)….:)

Needless to say, we were busy visiting everybody, eating everything, sight seeing as much as we could and riding every public transportation vehicle my youngest seemed suited. We walked until shoes fell apart, ate until we were ready to burst and stayed up way too late laughing with friends and family. We visited galleries and castles, vineyards and beer gardens. We rode trains and double decker buses, chased pigeons and picked cherries. We tasted local wine, and indulged ourselves with German chocolate and Leberwurst. We caught up on long overdue conversations and made memories.

And in between I did some family and couple photo sessions as well (sneak peeks will follow).

We had so much fun!

These guys are (as always) the best! So glad they belong to me!

Yes, this is the original!

My “Bergvolk” taking a break from the sightseeing marathon. So glad we have friends who love what we love!

Where does the time go. My oldest was “then” in the stroller!


Waiting for the tram. It never gets boring watching everything.

The favorite uncle!

My crazy crew. Yes! I have that many cousins. I lost count!  And my awesome birthday gift from them. Google: Weihnachtspyramide, if you don’t know what this is 🙂


Girlfriends are forever. This is really true! I have known these ladies since 1991! We totally look the same!

Schoen wars! Auf ein baldiges Wiedersehen.