I have been wanting to have our family pictures taken for a while now.  And since I am a photographer, I figured “no big deal”!  So I called my friend and colleague Rina Marie Photography, ordered a dress on Amazon and scheduled a time with the owner of a new found amazing location. And then the weekend of the shoot came and so did my Anniversary and the Solar Eclipse- things I hadn’t planned for. The dress arrived last minute and thanks to Photoshop and the editing skills of Rina, it fits well.

So right before the shoot, I cleaned up from baking “moon pies” and tried to find matching socks for the boys (which I didn’t -Photoshop rocks), and I wondered: ” Is this what all my clients go through before a photo session?” And the answer is probably: YES!

Who am I kidding. Trying to arrange our busy schedules, gathering the right clothing (after we debated for weeks what colors to wear) and then getting everyone in the car (on time) with fresh combed hair and clean faces is not a walk in the park! It takes determination, humor and the trust in a photographer with amazing editing skills.

Nobody can see that my kid’s socks are not matching, nobody can see my messy kitchen and the to-do-list in my head. Nobody can see that my boys are sometimes not as compliant as I would like for them to be (especially when having their pics taken). Nobody can see that it was 90 degrees outside and sweat drops were running down my husband’s forehead.

And 30 years from now, our kids won’t notice any of this as well. They will see us the way they remember us when they were little. They will look at the pictures and say: “Look how young and pretty my mom was. And look at that cool yellow dress! ”  These pictures might be hanging on a wall or are in a book – years down the road. Our grandchildren will laugh at our crazy hair and our clothing, and they’ll see some resemblance of our facial expressions in them. I am hoping that these photos will be treasured like the family quilt, grandma’s jewelry, or great grandma’s rocking chair.

So yes! It was totally worth it!

I could not help it! We were so ready to see the “Great American Eclipse 2017! ” …”And wear them glasses”!

Every Family has a story. Let me tell yours. FALL SESSIONS BOOKING NOW!