Sweet Lily-Family Photography, Bowling Green, KY.

One year ago I took this picture:

Sweet Lily was just a week old and so tiny.

And yesterday I took these:

Just like that she is growing up, eating cake and loving baths. Happy Birthday sweet Lily. Can’t wait to see the little (big) person you’re becoming!

Levi & Brittany tied the knot- Wedding Photography, Kentucky

Yesterday I captured this sweet couple as they said “yes” surrounded by family and friends. They got married under an oak tree in a field of hemp and wildflowers as the sun was setting. There was lots of laughter and some tears of joy. I am so glad I could be there to tell their story. I wish them both many happy years. And here is your sneak peek!

Wedding Photography, Kentucky, Ella P. Photography

Bowling Green Family Photography-Happy Father’s Day.

Last weekend I followed these guys around and created some fun pictures. Baby Holden is about to walk on his own and Daddy is going to have his hands full keeping up with him. He is all boy and loves water and fishing and sticks already, and there’s plenty of that at grandma’s place. So here they are, celebrating their first Father’s Day and making memories together.

Family Photography, Bowling Green, Kentucky, Father’s Day

Chelsea and Paola

Last weekend I photographed these guys as they celebrated with family and friends. They tied the knot in the beginning of the year and are starting a new live together. I wish them both the best and many years of bliss. And here are some of my favorites …

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Boogie-Pet Photography, Bowling Green, KY

Last week I photographed these guys and their brand new puppy “Boogie”. He surely is the cutest thing and I can already tell that they’re going to have their hands full with this little busy Pomeranian. Here are some of my favorites…

“Posing with the sign? No way, if I can run away with it!” 🙂
Nailed it!

Doesn’t that make you want to get another puppy?