This weekend I got to photograph this senior who came all the way from Cincinnati to get her pictures taken. :). She and her family used to live in B.G. and were part of a homeschooling group I belonged too at that time. And thanks to social media we stayed in touch. In a few months she’ll be off to Chicago, going to college and being on her own. It’s going to be great, Caeley. I wish you the best. And hopefully I will make my way to Cincinnati soon, to get the rest of this crew in front of my lens :). I would absolutely love that!

But this time it’s all Caeley’s moment to shine. And she surely does! So here is your sneak peek!

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I saw a child…

…who couldn’t walk ,

sit on a horse, laugh and talk.

Then ride it through a field of daisies

and yet he could not walk unaided.

I saw a child, no legs below

sit on a horse, and make it go

through woods of green

and places he had never been

to sit and stare, except from a chair.

I saw a child who could only crawl

mount a horse and sit up tall.

Put it through degrees of paces

and laugh at wonder at our faces.

I saw a child born into strife

take up and hold the reins of life

and that same child was heard to say,

“Thank God for showing me the way…”

-John Anthony Davies

This is a poem you can find on one of the flyers laying in the “New Beginnings” therapeutic riding (NBTR) facility right here in Bowling Green, KY.  A poem that so very much reflects what I witnessed while spending some time there with the riders and volunteers. This wonderful non- profit organization was founded in 1997, serving individuals with behavioral, emotional, mental, and physical disabilities by enhancing their lives through the power of horses. They are currently enrolling more students!

NBTR relies completely on donations and fundraisers and the commitment of volunteers. Please consider helping. Every little donation will make a difference.

Feel free to join any of their fundraiser activities as well. The next event is the 5 K walk/run on their property on April 28th -starting at 9 am. The run will not be timed, and breakfast will be served 🙂  For registration or information about NBTR go to:

And find them on Facebook.

April is Autism Awareness month, and I am giving 15 % of all my session fees booked in April to this organization.

Will you join me please?

The two sweet boys in all the pics above are close to my heart. I have known these two and their families for a while now. And I am in awe about the things they have and are now accomplishing there.  The self confidence they have developed around the horses and the joy and giggles I witnessed speak to how transforming these animals are in the hands of caring and understanding people. Kentucky’s Unbridled Spirit at it’s best!


Mr. & Mrs. Booth.

Yesterday, I was one of the first who got to congratulate these guys on their special day. Haley and Jody were High school sweethearts who lost touch for a while and found each other again-for good.  So we strolled around on this beautiful chilly Spring day, chatting about their story and things they’re hoping for while creating some beautiful images to last. I am so happy for them and their new journey together. And here again is my wise council to a successful marriage: Always share the chocolate!

I am so glad we got to do this. Enjoy your sneak peek!

Dreaming with your feet.

As a photographer, I always think of people, places and things I want to photograph. I see images in my head and get so excited when I get opportunities to finally create them. This week was one of those moments. Photographing a ballerina, reminded  me that once I dreamed of pointe shoes and pirouettes like every little girl seems to do so….

This young lady has been dancing for 9(!) years now. Isn’t she just beautiful and graceful? And isn’t little sister so adorable?

Keep on dreaming with your feet, girls.

And never miss a chance to dance!


Waiting on baby sister.

This week I got to stroll around downtown Bowling Green with these guys. They are awaiting the arrival of their sweet baby girl, and they wanted to create some family photos to share with their families on two continents. Mom, was born and raised in Germany (just like me), got swept of her feet by a handsome American (just like me) and they raise happily two busy boys … Ha, just like me! What a great story to tell (they make movies from that kind of stuff:) !

So needless to say, I am so glad I got to meet these guys. I hope we get to do this again soon. And here is your sneak peek!

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The daffodils are blooming!

Every year this is the first sign of Spring!  It doesn’t matter how cold it is outside or how wet. Spring is coming. And with it, the longer days, the sunshine and flip flops! So get those cute dresses out and let’s create some memories. As of right now I am booking 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 9th,10th,11th of March with daffodil mini sessions!

For more info, please contact me.

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The year of the dog.

I do not know much about Chinese Traditions, but this weekend I photographed these cutie pies as they are getting ready to celebrate the Chinese New Year on Friday! So they taught me all about cooking with a Wok :), eating with chopsticks and how to serve proper tea. And I ended up filling a whole CD card with their pictures! They are just THE CUTEST.

So happy “year of the dog” new year (I gotta read up on that) and here is your sneak peek!


All you need is Love!

Last weekend I got to get these sweet guys in front of my lens. They have been married for 11(!) years now, and in the midst of work, raising children and having a list of things to do (I am sure), they paused to spend time with each other. They organised a babysitter, coordinated clothing and booked me. :)! And just so you know guys… Photo shoots can be a lot of fun! These two laughed often, kissed often and really totally seemed to enjoy this! So for your next anniversary (or any other important day), grab your sweet heart, reserve a table at the favorite restaurant and see me in between to create some memories. She will be forever grateful (and you too)!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Forever home.

Today I got to witness the official Adoption of these sweet girls. Friends and Family gathered at the local courthouse to celebrate this long awaited day. And needless to say: there was laughter and tears of joy and hugs and giggles. I am so glad I got be part of it. Congratulations Young family and here is your sneak peek!

If you know of a family that has recently adopted or is in the process of adopting, please contact me.