Today I photographed this young man. His mom contacted me to update some of his pictures, since grandma and family members are waiting….; I so can relate to this. Time flies by and the next thing we know is that our kiddos are 16 and the last “proper” pic we have is a few years behind ( and I am a photographer!).  But this mom can get that of her check list, cause surely enough we got plenty of awesome images of this handsome man. Totally comfortable in front of the camera, I have no doubt that senior pics are going to be a walk in the park for him, and maybe next time I get to shoot him in his football gear!

So here are just a few of my favorites: Cowboy boots and all!

Happy Birthday, sisters.

A couple of weeks ago, these two sweetie pies celebrated their birthdays. So we got together for a balloon and smash- the- cake session at their house, and what fun we had! I am excited to be there again soon, when both girls are officially adopted into the family they have called home since birth.  So, happy Adoption Awareness month. Way to go!

And here is your sneak peek!

The Hazel family.

This month is Adoption Awareness Month! And I am totally thrilled that this month alone I photographed SIX local families who have adopted or/and are in the process of adopting!

So needless to say, I am not getting tired of hearing all these amazing stories on how these sweet boys and girls came home. And as most of you know, it’s never an easy journey.

If you know of a family that has recently adopted or is in the process of adopting, please contact me. I would love to tell their story!

So here is this one…

After 6 years of waiting and several trips to Haiti, these guys brought sweet Ben home. And he surely is a handsome young man who loves food and is super sociable. So we strolled around at the park and created some Christmas card materials while goofing around and chatting about school.

So glad I got to do this. So here is your sneak peek, Hazel Family.


Plans For Good.

Last weekend I got to photograph a beautiful family that I have known for many years. I remember them from a time when the youngest was still in elementary school and a student in the children’s ministry I led at the time. I remember them as a family of five with their dad Jimmy- who is so dearly missed.

And I so enjoyed seeing those sweet children again. So grown and beautiful- one of them already a senior. I enjoyed listening to mom, telling me about the birthday cake they just had a few days ago to celebrate their dad’s birthday.  As I was driving home, I thought of how inspiring this family’s faith is, and the legacy Jimmy Hudson left behind. His family shines with love for each other and a trust in a God who promises us a future, hope and reconciliation.

And with a joyful heart I look at these pictures and these memories made. And I am excited to see what the future holds for these sweet kiddos.

And as always… Here is your sneak peek Hudson Family!


11 For I know the plans I have for you, “declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. (Jeremiah 29:11)



The Wilson Family.

Last weekend I got to photograph this little cutie pie and her parents. They were getting ready for her 1st  birthday party and I am sure mom and dad wonder where the time went. So while we were traipsing around she got lots of snuggles and hugs. So Happy Birthday, sweet girl,  and here are just a few of my favorites.

The Springob Family.

Last weekend I got to meet these guys for the first time. And I so enjoyed capturing their sweet family. We strolled around checking out gorgeous Fall settings, and who says you can’t get into a leave throwing contest at a family photo session?

I am so glad we got to do this! Here is your sneak peek!


The Mann Family.

Last week I got to meet these guys for the first time. The daughter of the family wanted some pics of her crew made and since everybody had moved back to B.G., she was able to get parents, brother and sister-in-law lined up and coordinated. And even though (I always imagine) the guys rather want to watch a game, these folks made me laugh the entire time. They were happy to be there, just enjoying the weather and goofing around. Here is a sneak peek on the memories made.

Let’s do that again soon.


Bartee Family.

Fall is always a great season to update family pictures. And this is what these guys just did. I photographed them last year and I was glad to catch up with everybody again. So we chatted about school and work and wondered how fast time goes by…

Thank you for letting me do that. And here goes your sneak peek!


The Hunley Family.

A few years ago I photographed these couple’s special day. And when I got the request for a family session… I was thrilled. I got to meet their new addition to the family. And this little guy is surely the happiest and sweetest kiddo. He rocked this ” having your pics taken” thing and I am convinced that he made mom’s and dad’s day too!

So here is one from how it all began……to present 🙂


The Hale Family.

Last week I finally got to get these guys in front of my lens. They just brought their second son home from Thailand and I so enjoyed watching these two brothers goofing around and loving on mom and dad. I am sure it has been a roller coaster ride over the past year and I am praying for them and their journey ahead as they grow closer as a family. I hope we get to do this again soon. My heart is happy looking at these and I can’t wait to show you the rest!

If you know of a family that is in the process of adopting or has RECENTLY adopted, please contact me.