Worth the wait… Family Photography, Bowling Green, KY

Yesterday I photographed these guys for the first time and so enjoyed our chat and stroll through Lost River Cave. Their sweet little girl just recently became officially their daughter for good.
As many of you know, the process of adopting a child is is not an easy road to walk on. Lot’s of heart break, uncertainty, loss and waiting.
But the pain being felt, can never compare to the joy that is coming, and it’s so worth the wait.
So congratulations, Whitaker Family.
And here is your sneak peek!

If you know of a family in the Bowling Green area, that is in the process of adopting or has recently adopted, please contact me for a family session to no cost for them. 🙂

What a party! Event Photography, Bowling Green, KY

Last weekend I photographed these guys’ birthday party at Jump Air Zone. And that was so much fun!
Not just did they get to jump with their favorite people…..There was also face painting, a pinata, cupcakes, mermaids and Indian food (my personal favorite- right after mermaids;)
Everybody seemed to have so much fun and the girls will treasure this forever.
So happy birthday Saanvi and Aarnavi. And here is your sneak peek!

Family Photography in Bowling Green, KY-Christmas tree farm

Last weekend I got to traipse around in between pine trees to create some Christmas card material for these guys.
And as always, I enjoyed catching up with familiar faces and meeting new folks. So here are a few of my favorites …
Happy Holidays and if you have one extra, send me one of your Christmas cards 😉

Who is ready to put up the Christmas tree now? I am for sure!

Sweet Lily-Family Photography, Bowling Green, KY.

One year ago I took this picture:

Sweet Lily was just a week old and so tiny.

And yesterday I took these:

Just like that she is growing up, eating cake and loving baths. Happy Birthday sweet Lily. Can’t wait to see the little (big) person you’re becoming!