Making memories.

A couple of weeks ago I got these guys in front of my lens back in Germany. Last time I saw those two young men, they were boys and I am sure mom and dad are probably wondering where the time went as well.

So we strolled around in the favorite park of my childhood, talked about life, work and school and created some memories to last a lifetime. And since these guys speak English and probably enjoy reading this, I am throwing one of my tongue twisters at them! Try this one: “She sells sea shells by the sea shore”. Or how about: “Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear, Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair, Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn’t fuzzy? Was he?” Yeah. That’s how I learned English!

Anyhow, thanks for putting up with me and making this session fun. And here is your sneak peek!



While in Germany, I got to photograph this couple. And to be fair, I will post the sneak peek in German as well.

Wie ich diesen Sommer selbst feststellen konnte, sind die Elbwiesen eine super Location for Fotos. Und so habe ich halt diese beiden ( und ihren Max) von der Albertbruecke bis zur Carola Bruecke begleitet um ein paar Erinnerungen festzuhalten. Von Graffity, ueber Seerosen und wundervollem Panorama gibt es da alles was ein Fotografenherz begeistert. Und wenn man dann noch ein Huendchen dabei hat, kann ja eigentlich gar nichts schief gehen mit den Fotos!:)

Danke fuers Mitmachen. Vielleicht koennen wir das bald wieder tun.

Und hier sind ein paar meiner Favorites!

Raising boys!

While in Germany, I got to photograph these sweet guys as well…

Als Familienfotografin finde ich es immer wieder Klasse wenn ich Jungs im selben Alter wie meine Soehne fotografiere. Es ist sogar noch lustiger, wenn man in einem anderen Land unterwegs ist und feststellt, dass die Interessen, der Humor und Herausforderungen an die Eltern genauso wie hier (in den USA) sind. Nicht das es wirklich ueberraschend ist, aber wenn die Deutschen Kiddos den “Floss” genauso cool finden wie meine Jungs, dann weiss ich nicht ob ich lachen oder weinen soll. Haha.

Logischerweise war dieser Shoot total nett und die Jungs haben super mitgemacht.  Hier sind ein paar meiner Lieblingsfotos.

  • Falls Du nicht weisst was der “Floss” ist, frag ein paar kiddos oder google. Viel Spass beim Ueben!


A walk through the park.

While in Germany, I had the pleasure of photographing these guys. And since I am thinking it is just fair, I am writing this blog post in German.

Waehrend meines Besuches in Dresden, habe ich diese Maedchen durch meine Linse festgehalten. Wir sind durch den “Grossen Garten” gewandert und hatten Spass miteinander zu tratschen und ein paar suesse Momente auf “Film” einzufangen. Obwohl mir oefters Instruktionen auf Englisch rausgerutscht sind, haben die drei einfach Klasse mitgemacht. 🙂

Fotosessions hier in Dresden zu halten, war eines der Highlights fuer mich.  Meiner Leidenschaft als Familienfotografin hier in der Stadt meiner Kindheit und Jugend nachzufolgen, fuellt mein Herz mit Freude.

Obwohl mein Deutsch etwas verrostet scheint und mein “spellcheck” auf meinem Computer alles rot unterstreicht, …..durch die Linse gesehen, sprechen wir alle die gleiche Sprache:

See for yourself!

Auf ein baldiges Wiedersehn!


Germany 2018.

Not even 48 hours ago we were still traveling back from our two week visit in Germany. It is currently 8:30 pm and the kids have been asleep for a couple of hours now (jet lack is real and seven hours time difference is no cake walk). But I am sure we’ll be adjusted in a few days and back to a normal routine (whatever that means during summer break anyway)….:)

Needless to say, we were busy visiting everybody, eating everything, sight seeing as much as we could and riding every public transportation vehicle my youngest seemed suited. We walked until shoes fell apart, ate until we were ready to burst and stayed up way too late laughing with friends and family. We visited galleries and castles, vineyards and beer gardens. We rode trains and double decker buses, chased pigeons and picked cherries. We tasted local wine, and indulged ourselves with German chocolate and Leberwurst. We caught up on long overdue conversations and made memories.

And in between I did some family and couple photo sessions as well (sneak peeks will follow).

We had so much fun!

These guys are (as always) the best! So glad they belong to me!

Yes, this is the original!

My “Bergvolk” taking a break from the sightseeing marathon. So glad we have friends who love what we love!

Where does the time go. My oldest was “then” in the stroller!


Waiting for the tram. It never gets boring watching everything.

The favorite uncle!

My crazy crew. Yes! I have that many cousins. I lost count!  And my awesome birthday gift from them. Google: Weihnachtspyramide, if you don’t know what this is 🙂


Girlfriends are forever. This is really true! I have known these ladies since 1991! We totally look the same!

Schoen wars! Auf ein baldiges Wiedersehen.


The Rose Family.

Last week I got to create some memories for these guys. We met up at a local park and had the perfect lighting as it was overcast and “almost” raining. These girls and their sweet dog Muffin did great! I hope we get to do this again soon.

And here is your sneak peek!

The Smith Family.

Last week I got to photograph another sweet new baby and her family. Little Elise is just 3 weeks old and slept through her first photo session like a champ! So everybody got a turn snuggling with her and I enjoyed every second of that.

Congratulations guys to your new bundle of Joy, and here is your sneak peek!


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Last week I got to see these guys again. This time with their new bundle of Joy-Ivey. She is just one week “old”  and so sweet and little. Time flies and it’s hard to believe that she is going to change so fast over the next few weeks and months. I am sure not fast enough for older sister though…I can’t wait to see these two girls grow up together, running around the house, making memories.

But for now, lets just enjoy this. Week one.


Mr. & Mrs. Brown.

Last weekend I got to photograph these guys’ special day. They said “yes” at Church on Main and celebrated with friends and family at the IronGate venue next door. I had so much fun following them around, meeting everybody, and capturing those memories that will last forever. I wish them both the best on their new journey together. And here is my (17 years of marriage) advice: Be kind, be honest, be forgiving with each other. And always share the chocolate!

And here is your sneak peek!

Happy Birthday!

This good looking lady is turning 40 this week! And I am sure some mixed feelings come along with it. I myself have been there a few years ago . One moment we are 32 and the next day we blow out 40 candles? The years fly by and we wonder how we got here…

So what! 40 is great!

There is still room for cute shoes, even if that means you change into flip flops when you’re back in the car.

You can still start a business and travel the world.

You can still learn an instrument, volunteer and eat cake or skip dessert, and go for the wine :)!

You find yourself not worrying about what others think of you. It’s incredibly freeing!

You can laugh about the fact that being 40 doesn’t mean you have it all figured out.

You get quiet moments, cause your kids are older, and they can do stuff independently.

It’s a great age to be in!

So Happy Birthday, girl!

You are really just 18 with 22 years of experience!

What do you love about being 40?