The year of the dog.

I do not know much about Chinese Traditions, but this weekend I photographed these cutie pies as they are getting ready to celebrate the Chinese New Year on Friday! So they taught me all about cooking with a Wok :), eating with chopsticks and how to serve proper tea. And I ended up filling a whole CD card with their pictures! They are just THE CUTEST.

So happy “year of the dog” new year (I gotta read up on that) and here is your sneak peek!


All you need is Love!

Last weekend I got to get these sweet guys in front of my lens. They have been married for 11(!) years now, and in the midst of work, raising children and having a list of things to do (I am sure), they paused to spend time with each other. They organised a babysitter, coordinated clothing and booked me. :)! And just so you know guys… Photo shoots can be a lot of fun! These two laughed often, kissed often and really totally seemed to enjoy this! So for your next anniversary (or any other important day), grab your sweet heart, reserve a table at the favorite restaurant and see me in between to create some memories. She will be forever grateful (and you too)!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Forever home.

Today I got to witness the official Adoption of these sweet girls. Friends and Family gathered at the local courthouse to celebrate this long awaited day. And needless to say: there was laughter and tears of joy and hugs and giggles. I am so glad I got be part of it. Congratulations Young family and here is your sneak peek!

If you know of a family that has recently adopted or is in the process of adopting, please contact me.

First snow.

As the snow is melting away I am trying to squeeze in a few more wintery sessions . This is such a rare event in this region and a photographer’s dream. It puts everything in such beautiful light and the possibilities seem endless. This little fellow loved his first snow for sure. He kept on walking looking at his feet- probably wondering what all this was about. I am so glad that he and his mom have those precious rare moments captured…..until the next snow.

Snow days.

Yesterday we made memories. Memories of those rare Winter days filled with sledding, snowball fights, crunchy mittens and numb toes. We did it all along with our favorite people at our favorite place. And our hearts are happier because of it.

So bring on more snow! We can take it!

…and nobody had to be fished out of the creek (yet)!

Simply me.

I believe that every woman is beautiful. I believe that you can look just as fabulous as the magazine ads you envy. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, I am offering “Simply Me” sessions.

As a photographer I always aim to to show you how beautiful you are. I want to help you reconnect with the woman you will see in your portraits and be awed by her again.

These pictures will not go on my blog or website. They are only for one person to enjoy: a gift from a wife to her husband.

Contact me for more information on these sessions. I can’t wait to hear from you!


My 2017.

So here we are at the end of another year. It seemed really not that long ago, I scribbled out the “6” to make into a “2017” when dating the first couple of checks the beginning of this year….and in a blink of an eye we are here again. So I am looking back and I am so incredibly grateful for my family and friends. For the places I got to visit this year, people I got to see again and new friends I have made. I am thankful for a passion I am pursuing now full time. Life has been so good.

With all my heart I wish everyone a wonderful, healthy, fulfilling and joyful 2018.




Home for the Holidays.

This week I got to get these guys in front of my lens. Since their oldest daughter lives out of state, there are not too many opportunities to have some family pictures taken – other than the Holidays. So I imagine they treasured every minute being together, catching up and creating memories.

I am so thankful I got to capture some of their time together. So here is your sneak peek!


Today I photographed this young man. His mom contacted me to update some of his pictures, since grandma and family members are waiting….; I so can relate to this. Time flies by and the next thing we know is that our kiddos are 16 and the last “proper” pic we have is a few years behind ( and I am a photographer!).  But this mom can get that of her check list, cause surely enough we got plenty of awesome images of this handsome man. Totally comfortable in front of the camera, I have no doubt that senior pics are going to be a walk in the park for him, and maybe next time I get to shoot him in his football gear!

So here are just a few of my favorites: Cowboy boots and all!

Happy Birthday, sisters.

A couple of weeks ago, these two sweetie pies celebrated their birthdays. So we got together for a balloon and smash- the- cake session at their house, and what fun we had! I am excited to be there again soon, when both girls are officially adopted into the family they have called home since birth.  So, happy Adoption Awareness month. Way to go!

And here is your sneak peek!